Bhopal Dugdh Sangh is aimed at providing technical know-how on cooperative lines to rural milk producers of the milk-shed area and to assist them in enhancing milk production & minimizing the cost of production, to offer them optimum rates for their produce milk at their door-step, making available quality and hygienic milk & milk products to the urban consumers at reasonable prices.

Field Operation Activities.

Field Operation division of dugdh sangh is functioning for the organisation & supervision of Village level Dairy Co-operative Societies. The field staffs is also providing technical services for breed improvement through Artificial Insemination, Scientific feeding practices for more output against low input cost, Animal health care and management in order to make dairy activities profitable at producer level for improving their socio-economic status. The field staffs is also providing regular training on the basis of cooperative principles, to the management committee & Staff members of the village level dairy cooperative society for improving their cooperative and business skill. Field operation division is also working on Women Development Cooperative Leadership Programme in the villages where dairy cooperative societies are functioning. The dugdh Sangh has providing the employments to the DCS Employees, Milk pourers, head load at village level and milk retailers in urban areas.

Marketing Activities.

The Dugdh Sangh markets milk & milk products in the major townships of the milkshed area through own developed network of Milk Booths, Milk Parlours & Agencies. The milk products manufactured and sold by the dugdh sangh are Ghee, Flavoured Milk, Spiced & Plain Butter Milk, Shrikhand, Paneer, Lassi, Sweet & Plain Curd, Chaina Kheer, Peda, Mawa and Milk Cake under the Sanchi brand name.

The Dugdh Sangh selling milk sachets of Gold (6.0% Fat & 9.0% SNF), Shakti (4.5% fat & 8.5% SNF), Taza (3.0% fat & 8.5% SNF), Smart (1.5% Fat & 9.0% SNF), & Chah Milk (4.5% Fat & 9.0% SNF) under mnemonic symbol of National Dairy Development Board with the brand name Sanchi.